ePub and PDF eBooks

What are ePub and PDF eBooks?

These are two standard formats of eBooks that can be read on many of the most popular eReaders and eReading apps, including:

  • Nook
  • Kobo
  • Google Play
  • iBooks
  • Sony Readers
  • All Adobe DRM-based readers

The ePub format is excellent for text-heavy reading. You can adjust text sizes and flow settings to your preferences. This format renders well on both large and small screen sizes.

The PDF format is excellent for heavily illustrated or designed books, such as cookbooks, travel guides, and the like. PDF eBooks read and display just like their print counterparts, and are best viewed on mid- to large-sized screens. You cannot adjust text and flow settings in PDF eBooks.

How do I buy ePub and PDF eBooks?

Buying ePub and PDF eBooks is a two-part process: purchasing the eBook and relating your purchase to the eReading app or device of your choice.

First, find the eBook you wish to buy. Click "Buy Now" to begin the simple checkout process, and follow the instructions. That completes your purchase. If it is your first purchase from this Bookstore, you will be asked to create an account.

Second, to download and access your eBooks, you need an Adobe ID. If you don't have one already, create an Adobe ID, which you will use to relate your purchases to the eReader or app of your choice.

If you use an eReading app, your eBook will now be waiting in your library.

If you use an eReader device such as a Nook, Kobo, or Sony Reader, you will also need the Adobe Digital Editions software. If you haven't already, download the free software. Then, follow the device instructions for syncing and downloading content.

What apps or devices can I use to read ePub and PDF eBooks?

You can read ePub and PDF eBooks on many of the most popular eReaders and eReading apps, including:

  • Nook eReaders and Apps
  • Kobo eReaders and Apps
  • Google Play
  • iBooks
  • Sony Readers
  • All Adobe DRM-based readers

View a complete list of Adobe DRM-based readers.

I can't find eBooks I have purchased. What can I do?

First, have you completed all the steps for purchasing and downloading?

If you have followed those instructions and you still have unanswered questions, please email techsupport@ExquiroFullfilment.com

On how many devices may I read ePub and PDF eBooks?

Based on our Digital Rights Management (DRM) agreements, you may download and read an eBook you have purchased on up to 5 devices.

What is DRM?

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is required by publishers to ensure that a specific copy of an eBook is owned by one owner and is not shared illegally. This ensures that copyright laws are respected and that authors and publishers are fairly compensated.

Can I read my eBooks on a Kindle?

No. At this time our eBooks are not available to be read on a Kindle.

How do I know what type of eBook I purchased?

If you purchased an ePub or PDF, a download link will appear in the confirmation e-mail for you to download the title. If a Blio title is purchased, there will be no download link in the e-mail. You must have the Blio software and a Blio account to access the title.

I bought a PDF and cannot read it. What can I do?

A standard Adobe PDF reader will not work. This is because the reader has no way of handling the DRM that is integrated into the book. You would need to get a reader that will support DRM. If you are using a mobile device then we recommend axisReader, Bluefire or the Datalogics reader. On a desktop, the best reader to use would be Adobe Digital Editions. It has DRM support and is integrated with our system.

View a complete list of Adobe DRM-based readers.

Updated 9/12/2013.